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original painting

mostly oil on thick canvas

160 X 100 cm



(overpainting 2010)


This one is the first one in the  The(construction)struction series. 

It's the first one I made when I started painting again this year (2020).

I had the idea to overpaint, destroy,  a lot of  my canvasses I made in my school years. The idea is to detach myself of all the conventions learned back then. 

-> example:  "Don't paint with black paint straight from the tube.."


It's also a little bit about rebirth, and letting go of things. 


I always had a hard time selling my paintings, because it's like selling little parts of myself. 


The destruction-construction theme is the basic theme of my all-over creative practice since my younger years. Always struggling in between the construction of a drawing or a painting and the destruction of it. It's also a very personal battle I fight in every day life. In my head I'm always going back and forth in between construction and destruction of life itself and trying to find a balance that is actually liveable in between. 


Weeping Hyena / De(construction)struction series

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